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Improve your market share, build a bigger book of business...

"The Pente Company, LLC "Executive Plus Package" is the right choice for business owner's who are interested in gaining more market share, expanding their book of business and increasing revenue.

Other advertisers simply market their website and database of providers. This database typically includes a number of competing agencies sometime multiple. This usually results in the occasional high risk work from out of area clients sifting through job bids to find a price and vendor offering what they are looking for with no guarantee you will receive that job.

The Pente Company, LLC System differentiates itself from others because IN ADDITION to
marketing our website and database of SINGLE exclusive providers per territory, we intend to have sales representatives working on your behalf. These representatives work to secure low risk LOCAL business that then hopefully sends you REPEAT BUSINESS. These representatives work on salary PLUS commission and bonuses based on their performance and revenue generated.

Furthermore, we intend to have an individual managing these representatives that also works on salary PLUS commission and bonus based on the company AND representatives performance. Therefore this person encourages the representatives performance, hard work and desire to produce. This creates a scenario where it is in everyone's best interest to provide their absolute best from marketing down to the franchisee in order that we can grow your client base and revenue most expeditiously.

*The Executive Plus Package requires $150/Mo minimum royalty, or 10% of gross monthly Pente sales, whichever is greater.

Pente is currently offering introductory rates on a limited
number of Executive Plus Packages for a limited time.
Secure your territories now and grow your business!

The Executive Plus Package includes the following franchisee support services:
  • ServeManager Software
    Included for the Pente Franchise Business Free of charge (required use)
    Included with their existing business with a $.25 per job fee (not required to use)
  • ServeNow Ad reimbursement
  • NAPPS Membership reimbursement
  • Franchise Territory Exclusivity
  • Full Franchise Rights

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Corporate Office
1220 NE Beacon Avenue
Lee's Summit, MO

Toll Free: 1.855.GOPENTE (407.3683)
Office: 816.347.8340

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Ever wish you could have invested in Google, Microsoft, or APPLE before they were the giants they are today. Well we have not yet reached
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a large financial return. We will also continue
to hammer on the concept of our vested
financial interest in franchisee success as
opposed to other advertisers. Remember it's
not Why?, but Why Not!

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